Quick Midi Mapping Suggestions

I find that I often want to temporarily map a control to a CC, and I can’t help feeling that the current method requires more actions than necessary. So here’s a couple of suggestions to speed up the process:

-Add a submenu to the devices context menu (something like “Map to Midi…”), which lists all the assignable parameters for the device. Selecting one brings up a window telling you to move a midi controller slider or knob, to which the parameter is mapped. The window closes automatically when a CC message is received. The window could have some options, like minimum and maximum values.

-The same as above, but the window comes up when you click on a parameter while holding down the Alt key.

-A special entry in the list of assignable parameters in the existing midi mapping window, called “last changed parameter” so that if you assign a CC to it, you can use that CC to control whichever parameter you changed last.

By the way, midi mappings can’t be accessed by the current API, right? Or have I missed something?