Quick presets

Hi all!

I was just doing a new track and suddenly began to miss a feature:

By tweaking a certain instrument with an EQ-10 i thought, it would

be nice, if we had a small button bar with e.g. 10 buttons to quickly

store and restore effect configuratios for comparing sound results .

In my opinion you just have to enlarge the height of that effect panel

band about the height of such a button bar.

I think, saving routines could be easy lifted up to save “quick presets”

with your xrns-files, since xrns basically is XML.

Of course, there are presets to be saved and loaded already, but not

the “quick” ones (i.e. anonymously ones) can be saved with your song

and won’t belong to a globally available “domain”.

Maybe “quick presets” could be done for doofers too ?

“Quick presets” are set by e.g. holding the shift-key while clicking, and

are being recalled by clicking without modifiers.

What do you think ?

Thanks & Regards,


Did you try A/B buttons? Right click for storing, left click for reading? Of course A/B/C/D with some simple remark/naming functionality (naming like “for compressor B” etc,mouse over to view remark) would also help. A/B buttons also are missing in instruments. There you can workaround by right clicking it and copying it, and after bad changes, pasting it.