Quick Question About Native Effects & Vst Behaviour

By having one VST instrument, as in my case it’s Sampletank drumset; if I place bassdrum and hihats on two different tracks and I add Renoise’s native delay effect on hihat track only - it will affect on bassdrum track aswell and there’s no single effect loaded? I thought effect by track affects on track it’s loadad only o_O

Is this really normal behaviour? Feels stupid to douple load VST just for having hihat’s from same drumset ran thru effect…

king regads,

W7x86/Renoise 2.5.0 (tried on newest beta from backstage aswell, does the same thing ye…)

It’s the way VSTs work. You are using the same output from the VST for both sounds and Renoise can not separate that. Try setting up Output Routing (I am assuming the VST supports it.)


funny thing, i noticed the same thing just minutes ago. never noticed it before. good to know.

@pitfall: you might consider (especially with a drumset) to render the sound you want to extract to a sample and using that instead of a seperate instance of the VST. coincidentally, i am going to do just that, as i am using Drumatic 3 and running into the same thing.

There’s no need to do this. It’s really very simple to make Drumatic output each sound to a separate track in Renoise.

See this example:
3502 dblue-drumatic-multi-track.xrns

Drumatic has 6 physical output busses that you can use. You just have to set it up correctly and tell it where to send each sound.

thanks a lot for that tip. one of those Renoise-features (the routing-stuff) that i was not aware of, and is indeed very useful for a VST like Drumatic. looks great, thanks again, will remember that one.
(i already made the change to my song and will leave that the way it is though :slight_smile:

Doh! I should of actually of checked the actual content of the page I linked to but that is what I was trying to point you towards.

That is pretty cool. Did not know that feature and i guess you can make some awesome things with that. Especially with Drum-VSTi… :drummer:


WHooo! That was exactly what I was looking for! Thank you very much for your detailed answer mate! :)