Quick question about what's possible to script

in the introduction docs under what’s NOT possible with renoise tools it mentions:

But can I script new meta-devices? technically, these would be VERY realtime devices for param control, but the complexity of what I have in mind is essentially alternative mathematics to those implemented in objects like the key-tracker and LFO, never touching an audio buffer.

Any explanation would help.


  • Eric

Probably, you can do a lot of this with the “hidden formula device

Thank you for such a fast reply Conner! The hidden formula device was precisely my inspiration for this post. My question is more… “implementation focused”? i.e. Can I make my own device such as the hidden formula device, however have it be specifically a Meta device.

Access I’d prefer: I can drop my scripted device into a chain with ease and simplicity.

Device I’d like to make (one of them): Inspired by the meta-chain [(key-follower) > (LFO Reset w/ randomization)], I’d like to mirror this function, however just expand on the randomization’s probability distributions (to a very precise degree).

Is this sort of ease-of-use simplicity possible, let alone the hypothesized device?

It is not possible to write new devices (DSP or meta) with the scripting API.
Perhaps it may be possible to realize some of your ideas with combinations of the formula device, other meta devices, and scripting?

I think the most accessible way available is to insert the devices via a context menu or short cut.

PS. Any device scripting via notifiers (parameter values) will make it non-realtime.

Now you can’t write new devices, but you can use some existing Meta ones to make them do other stuff than they were actually meant for (and keep track of what the sliders of the device do).
Still:realtime they don’t do a proper job as the scripts are executed in the graphic thread and won’t execute any faster than your GPU is capable of handling any particular desired high framerate.

Definitely. It would take years to exhaust the possibilities with these combos, and I believe what I want the achieve is very possible this way. Would be nice to have just one custom device vs. a chain, and also avoid using an alpha device in a live setting. Fingers crossed that the formula device becomes official :)/>/>

Huge thanks for all of the helpful info!