Quick Suggestion For Sample Draw

Ok. Sample draw in 1.9.1 is awesome :) So many FT2-inspired memories came flooding back, hehe.

Something I immediately found myself wanting to do was to draw a perfectly flat horizontal line, which would be useful in various different situations.

So, how about a very simple key modifier which can be used when drawing. Let’s say that I hold down LCTRL and then start to draw… Renoise could lock the vertical position (ie. amplitude) to wherever I first clicked, then I could drag my cursor left and right to produce a perfectly flat line/constant amplitude.

if you want flat line at 0db (silence) you can just select the part and use the amplify button to set it to -inf db.

But I suppose this is not what you want. :D


Now come on. Next thing will be an airbrush and a rubber, then you'll be wanting a magic wand..

To be serious: I like the idea. I just had to make this stupid joke, sorry :)

I knew someone was gonna say this :)

I don’t just mean being able to draw at 0dB, I mean anywhere in the waveform. You could use this to draw a nice exact square wave for example, or to clip the tops off the peaks in a sample if you wanted to distort it, or… you get the idea.

Of course there are usually workarounds and tricks which can create the same results, but we already have the drawing tool now, so it might as well get a few simple tweaks to actually make it more useful, imho.

Ah, I didn’t notice this other thread until just now. Some nice ideas there too which are kinda touching on the same thing I’ve said.

a simple hack solution would be to use DC offset on a 0db line

… note, I still support this idea, and any kind of vector drawing, wholeheartedly

Let taktik’s sweat dry out, then ask for more… ;) [based on a persian proverb! :P ]

This would be very useful indeed.

If we’d have a frequency de-modulator meta-device (takes the frequency of audio input and sends out values) we could use the sample drawing tool to control vst(i) parameters, no? :) returns to smoking teh joint