Quick Transpose

Or maybe there is such option in renoise, or some tool and i cant find it.

We have for ex. pc keybord and zxcvbnm for CDEFGABA etc. or midi keyboard.

And theres chord mode bottom patter screen, lets imagine theres also transpond mode switch, so when any one switch it on, PCkeybord or midi keyboard enterns transpose mode.

Now when in transpose mode we can use note keys to quick transpose.

Let say we have got on right side checked “column in pattern” and simple arpeggio CDCDCDCDCDCDCDCD… and im pressing V and it changing to FGFGFGFGFG
or i pressig Q and getting CDCDCDCDCD but octave higher or pressing 3 gives me D#FD#FD#F.

And imagine jamming on some nice arppegios while in loop, instead jumping by one note step.

Shift/ctrl/alt F1 / F2 was for transposing notes one step. Shift for the whole track, ctrl for the whole pattern, alt for the whole selection. For transposing an octave, use the same modifier keys but then with F11/F12 Was that what you seeked?

Nope i know you can transpose one step by shortcut.

I was wondering if i can make instant transposing whole column using note keys, not one step jumps. Like i need instant 5 steps up and after that 3 quick 3 steps down and after that 2 steps up. And it needs to be done fast. And the point is i cant make it with one step jumps or by clicking mouse.

I know exemple that i made before not giving whole picture. So it would be nice to have zxcvbn…etc option to transpose …N-3 J-2 M-1 Q+0 2+1 W+2 3+3 etc. from oginal point


Column is filled with “DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD”

Im pressing “2” key and it transpose to D#D#D#D#D#D#

Im “W” pressing after that and it transpose to “EEEEEEEEEEE”

And im pressing “M” and it transpose to CCCCCCCCC

And im pressing “Q” again and it back to DDDDDDDDDDD

If only there was some sort of scripting API that would allow this…

Ok so even simpler vesion of this would be great make things faster sometimes

Uper keyboard octave transposing up Q+1 2+2 W+3 3+4 E+5…etc

Lower keyboard octave transposing down Z-1 S-2 X-3 D-4 C-5…etc

And transpose octave up, octave down could be same as it was.

Exemple for simple version:

We got CCCCCC pressing Q once gives us C#C#C#C#C#, pressing twice gives DDDDDDD

We have CCCCCCC and we will press “W” we will get DDDDDD pressig again we will get EEEEEE.

Same thing is already ADVENCED PATTERN OPERATIONS it just need to be binded to note keys and make keyboard to work in TRANSmode maybe by switch or shortcut CTRL+ALT+T

er…let´s give some attention to this quote again and c if the message is received this time:)

really, is advance edit too slow for you or am i missing something in your description?

@Simonus: Give this a try…

1516 org.illformed.TransposeTrack.xrnx

This tool has no interface, it simply adds some key bindings that you can choose to map to whatever keys you prefer. When activated, it will transpose all note data within the currently selected track (depending on which key binding you triggered).

The tool will also check to see if transposing the notes would result in some of them going out of range (ie. lower than C-0 or higher than B-9), and if so it will prevent the transposing action from taking place. This is to ensure that you don’t accidentally destroy your track data with some extreme shifting.

The key bindings can be found under: Prefs > Keys > Pattern Editor > Track Operations > …

There are key bindings for transposing up:

  • Transpose +1
  • Transpose +2
  • Transpose +3
  • Transpose +4
  • Transpose +5
  • Transpose +6
  • Transpose +7
  • Transpose +8
  • Transpose +9
  • Transpose +10
  • Transpose +11
  • Transpose +12

… for transposing down:

  • Transpose -1
  • Transpose -2
  • Transpose -3
  • Transpose -4
  • Transpose -5
  • Transpose -6
  • Transpose -7
  • Transpose -8
  • Transpose -9
  • Transpose -10
  • Transpose -11
  • Transpose -12

… and I’ve also included some extra key bindings that let you quickly reset the track back to a base note:

  • Reset to C-0
  • Reset to C-1
  • Reset to C-2
  • Reset to C-3
  • Reset to C-4
  • Reset to C-5
  • Reset to C-6
  • Reset to C-7
  • Reset to C-8
  • Reset to C-9

Yeah thats what ive been looking for thx @dblue :) Hope it will be default in renoise :)

Whoops. I already found a bug when handling note offs. That’s what I get for trying to do this thing so quickly :)

I’ll investigate this and hopefully have a fix soon.

Ok. Fixed the bug with the note off handling. Please re-download :) (And let me know if you spot any other weird behaviour)

Ok i will thx again for making this tool its great :)

You can script this yourself…

edit:Looks like dBlue to the rescue again…

Wouldn’t this suggestion be similar to programmable patterns and/or arpeggios inside instruments -suggestion? I understand this would be aimed to live or live-like use of Renoise.

Yeah i was thinking about all this nice synths or vsts playing all this arppegios by touch. Had idea before of making this with dps.

2 track on 1st key tracking device on 2nd arppegio, but is it possible to control pitch on second track by “key tracking device” in such way?

If you are speaking of VST instruments, if the plugin has such a parameter and if you can change the pitch range within the VST plugin, you could do something with the LFO regarding that.
I don’t quickly see a use for the key tracking device here accept for that you can trigger the LFO only on specific notes.

Awesome work again, dBlue!!