Quick Unsolo

new renoise is great. but new solo is so annoying. clicking all the tracks back to unsolo them… i mean… come on!

the point of solo is to solo a track, listen to it, then maybe solo another track to listen 2 or 3 or 4 tracks together, then to unsolo all and listen to all and not to click each of them and when there is only one - then it unsolos all. it’s a real pain compared to old method. i fail to see the advantage can someone please enlighten me how is 10 clicks better than 1?

so is there a way to quick un-solo all tracks?

also… new method of transposing VST instrument… right click to slide octave up/down vs new method of sliding a slider to 12 notes… what if you want to slide 2 octaves? easy… calculate in your head… it’s 24… and slide. i guess i can get used to it but slide + calculate in head is again slower than 2 right clicks. the point is in speed right? again, what am i missing?

I dunno what you do, but I rightclick on a channel (in TrackScopes in the upper frame), and the channel I clicked on is solo’d.
Then I rightclick on the same channel again, and all the other channels are unmuted. Maybe I understood what you wrote wrong, but this seems to work for me? :)

And if I wanna solo more than one channel, I’ll just rightclick on one to solo it, then left-click on any others, then rightclick twice on one of the un-muted channels and I’m back to “everything plays” mode.

Quick un-solo = click (left or right) the Master track in the track scopes.

E: or right click the solo’ed track, or double right click any of the muted tracks (as esa explained before).

I don’t feel like the new behavior is very well polished as well. There is a “Unmute All Tracks” shortcut but no unsolo. This must be missed in betas :confused:

yes it works perfectly fine on single track. the problem is i often need to hear more than one track as solo. unsoloing all and back to full-play then is a pain. i can understand the need to keep “off” tracks unchanged but this is not a solution either.

i tried your method - no dice:

  1. all tracks are “on” and unsolo.
  2. right click track 1 = solo track 1
  3. left click track 2 = off track 2
  4. right doubleclick track 3 = solo / unsolo track 3… no unsolo all here. doubleclick has no effect.

trackscopes click works… but that’s nonsense even though it is much better than the above (even if it would work - which it doesn’t :)
disk browser is way more useful than trackscopes… so you have to replace usability for eye candy? i usually solo/unsolo on track click not on scopes!
by the way the same thing doesn’t seem to work on track itself (left/right click on “mst” in trackview).
this is not practical solution it is slower than the old one.

The new solution is for people with hardware mixers. It is far more usable from a gear perspective, where solo is a state, plug and play compatible with your USB mixer.

For the mouse clickers, look harder.

Preferences -> Misc -> Solo mode.

But for keyboard oriented users?

Well, what is it you want? Someone can probably script it in 15 minutes. Maybe it can be used as a temporary solution?

A keyboard shortcut to unsolo all tracks? Or is it something more complicated? Here’s a start:

function unsolo_all_tracks()  
 local total_tracks = #renoise.song().tracks  
 for i=1,total_tracks do  
 renoise.song().tracks[i].solo_state = false  
renoise.tool():add_keybinding {  
 name = "Global:Tools:Unsolo All Tracks",  
 invoke = function(repeated)  
 if (not repeated) then  

@Conner: Thanks. That’s exactly what I was aiming for.