Quick Way To Stop Midi Input?

There are times when I’d like to quickly/temporarily disable the MIDI note input of my (synth) keyboard from triggering the selected instrument. Is there a way to do this without having to go into Preferences and changing the MIDI input to a different, unused port? For example, if I am building instrument samples from the sampler recorder, I don’t want to hear the instrument as I play while I’m trying to record incoming notes. Does this make sense? For some reason, I would expect to see a button on my main interface for toggling MIDI input on/off. Is there a way to hotkey this somehow?


I dont know if this may may help you, but try to select an “empty” instrument in the instrument window. Enter a note on your keyboard and you will hear nothing…


Aye, this of course works. But, that hardly helps if you’re trying to build up a single instrument, no? Every time you want to add a new sample to an instrument, it’d be nice if in Record mode, MIDI input was muted somehow so that you wouldn’t hear both sounds simultaneously.