Quickest way to Copy instrument effects and modulations to another one

Let’s say I have a mutlisample instrument with lots of instrument fx lines and modulations . What is the easiest way to change the multisample instrument and keep all those fxs and modulations? Other than copying all of those fxs and modulations one by one ? Or even phrases within

Maybe duplicate the instrument and change the samples and their mappings as needed. The effect and modulation chains, and phrases will still remain as is.

Yes but if it’s not only one sample then it will also be time consuming to arrange those samples again similar to adding fx’s and modulations manually one by one .
So it means there is no way to replace the instrument and keep the fx’s and modulations?

You can save modulation sets and fx chain presets to call up later in other instruments, but you’ll have to do the routing manually.

Alternatively, if you want to keep the exact same structure and swap out the samples, then you can just swap out the samples, pasting new sample data over old in the waveform editor pane. A bit tedious if there are many samples, so, you’ll have to decide which route is more efficient

Another option might be to save a dummy instrument with all the modulation sets and fx chains set up, but empty samples. This probably only makes sense if you’re going to be using this instrument format a lot