Quit Renoise like Fasttracker

When I quit the program pressing “Esc” or closing the application with the left button of mouse, I would like to see a little opened window : “Do you want really to quit Renoise 2 ?”.

When I do bad manipulation, I quit Renoise instantly :frowning:

Or else, please can you add an option in “Preferences” if any users want/no want a window “warning” ?

Thank you & Greetings,


I would like that left mouse clicking the top left part of the screen would quit/zapp Renoise fastracker styley.

I don’t follow you… if you have made any modifications to the song, Renoise asks you if you want to save before exit. if you hit “Cancel”, it will not close

You mean like “WorkSafe” button? If your project manager sneaks up on you, you press that key and Renoise dissapears? :)

I think you don t get what he meant, it s not about loosing data but to reload renoise and song again
BUT that bad manipulation never happend to me :D

well, you have to be doing really “bad” if you unintentionally ask to leave Renoise then also unintentionally ask not to save the current song… also, how many time could this happen when you have not made any modification to the song?

without wasting precious space in the preferences, a “don’t ask me again” checkbox would be better, but still I don’t think this is something to take care of.

ah i get it now.

keep thinking and posting your ideas! :)

If Renoise is closing when you do these things, UR DOIN IT RONG! … Renoise doesn’t quit from these actions.


Yeah also I cant figure out how to quit Renoise by pressing ESC… I use it to set edit On/Off