QUNEO and Renoise?

Anyone had any experience using quneo drum pad controller with renoise? Any ideas for good ways to set it up with live drumming in mind?

seems like a solid controller, quite sturdy and sensitive pads.

I’ve used my QuNeo a couple of times to record drums in Renoise, and it works great (Renoise quantize is kind of hit-or-miss, though). My only real gripe about the QuNeo is the extremely coarse control you have with all the touch-based controllers. It’s not particularly useful for fine adjustments or smooth automation. I guess that’s why it’s better for live performance than anything else.

The drum pads are fantastic, though, especially for a relatively light-touch drummer like myself. If you have a heavy touch then one of Akai’s MPD series (MPD18, MPD26 or MPD32) might be better for you. I couldn’t get consistent velocities on an MPD32, although the front-panel programming on it is top notch. I’m still torn between making do with my QuNeo or getting another MPD32 and doing the electrical tape mod on the pads :unsure: Maybe when Akai releases the next gen MPDs…

I’m not sure I understand the second question as far as ways to set it up. Mapping the pads to keys is all you need to do the drumming. What are you looking to do beyond the drumming itself? Using XY or pressure to control effects? And by ‘live drumming’ do you mean recording your own performances in your studio or performing live on stage?

Thanks for your reply and all the info. I would probably only want to map it as a drumpad and be able to switch octaves or instruments quickly to have new sets of 16 samples to play on with one button press. I’m not really that interested in using the faders and the xy stuff. The pads themselves seem nice/sturdy and sensitive. All the other pads i tried including the korg padkontrol are really loose and quite loud in terms of actually hitting the rubber surface. I wonder if roland handsonic hpd20 might be the way to go for those who want to play live drums using midi. Much more expensive and not as portable though. Alternate mode Pankat seems like the best possible (especially for melodic playing and using drumsticks) but waay too expensive and not portable at all…live push looks awesome too but only for live…quneo seems best in terms of size, price and quality.

Did you find recording in renoise is still hit and miss even with 3.1 after the updates?

Sorry to reply so late. I still haven’t installed the 3.1 update. The quantization I’m talking about is strictly during the recording, not quantizing a track after it’s been recorded. That’s something I generally don’t do; if my take is bad enough I’ll just keep doing it or quantize things by hand.

The iffy quantization isn’t limited to the QuNeo, so don’t take that as a sign of problems or incompatibility. I get spotty record quantization in Renoise with all my MIDI controllers. It’s a problem with Renoise, a problem with my approach, or some combination of both.

I ended up getting a vestax pad one for £40. Im quite pleased with it. Good price.

Ive found that renoise seems to record all my drum hits about 1 line late though.