Qwerty Piano Sample Preview

Before committing to loading a sample, I want to be able to preview the sample with the qwerty piano, as if I had already loaded it into a slot.

If I am in diskop navigating/previewing samples, once I highlight a sample. whether or not I have auto-play on. I want to immediately be able to play the sample highlighted in the diskop’s file list from the currently selected base octave.

I barely ever know if the sample’s native frequency is where I want to use it, and having to first load it into a sample slot to hear it at different notes would in many cases be redundant, also destructive if I am trying to replace a sample with a better one; ex: a weak kick with a huge kick pitched down a few notes.

I think this could be achieved by having an imaginary sample slot that doesn’t get saved with the song, which automatically has the currently selected sample in diskop loaded into it.

This could be problematic when scrolling over samples which are extremely large, so perhaps the sample should not attempt to be loaded into memory until after a piano key is hit. In that instance, if the sample takes a moment to load, it will play at that note once it is loaded, then with little latency after that.

The alternative for me us to use the next empty sample slot as a surrogate sample slot for the unknown future of sample selection.

+1, I think this has been asked before here from an ol’ impulse tracker user as well :slight_smile: