Qxx range question

How come the Qxx command is able to go beyond the tpl u set in the song settings?

It shouldn’t. Could you post an example or give us an example on where it does in your case?


So i probably just dont get it. But since the tpl is 16 wouldnt 0F be the limit ? instead of being able to go up to 53. Am i able to set the tpl to a higher value someway?

From the manual

-Qxx - Delay playback of the line by xx ticks (00 - TPL).

So the Q command accepts values from 00 to TPL (10 hex or TPL - 1 or should it be 01 to TPL?). Just because you can enter Q53 or QFE as an effect command doesn’t mean Renoise will act on it OR it will clamp the value to the maximum value accepted.

Song options TPL goes from 1 to 16. Q value (according to manual) goes from 0 to TPL(?)

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