R3.0: How to use mouse + keyboard to fractional tempo add?

What should I do to be able to increase the tempo incrementally fractionally? One of the key reasons why I use Ableton Live as ReWire master and Renoise as ReWire Slave for my gigs is that I can use Renoise to incrementally fractionally add tempo, which is really nice and subtle at best. What should I do, since it does not seem to work in Renoise 3.0?


I am referring to the way that Renoise 2.8 used to be able to scroll up in tempo- increments fractions, i.e.







instead of





It seems to me, that either I have forgotten how to use the mouse and keyboard to slowly scroll up in tempo- increments fractions, or Renoise3.0 no longer supports it. I will try to describe what I have tried to do:

method 1:

When I click on the Tempo/BPM slot with the mouse and start moving mouse upwards, it goes from 130-131-132-133.

method 2:

Hold shift and left-mouse-button down, still goes in full numbers (132-133-134-135)

method 3:

hold ctrl-leftmouse = goes in 135-145-155-165

method 4:

hold alt-leftmouse = goes in 165-166-167-168

method 5:

hold CMD-leftmouse = goes in 168-167-166-165-164

methods 6-x:

holding shift-cmd, shift-ctrl, shift-alt, cmd-alt, cmd-ctrl, alt-ctrl, alt-shift - no control over increments

methods x-y:

using mouse-roller with cmd-alt-shift-ctrl combination = no control over increments.

what am i missing here?

is it true that i should simply get back to LUA and create a script for this, a shortcut that advances tempo by increments fractions?or? how should i proceed? what am i missing? has Renoise lost a very significantly useful feature in 3.0?

thanks to Sodiufas for suggesting that the original message was not easy enough to comprehend.

edit2: and now i see why. incrementally does not mean “fractional”. i, of course meant, how do i use mouse+ keyboard to increase tempo fractionally.

I am referring to the way that Renoise 2.8 used to be able to scroll upin tempo fractions

While the tempo itself is obviously a fractional value, and you can certainly double-click the value box to directly input precise amounts such as 123.456, I don’t believe it’s ever been possible to actually scroll through the values fractionally in the way that you describe. So nothing has really been lost here in 3.0 — it simply was never possible in the first place. If you’re remembering some similar tempo nudge functionality from your 2.8 days, then perhaps it was a tool you were using?

well, i do believe it has been possible to scroll through the values, using mouse, either roller or with a mousebutton + keycommand. i was so happy to use it, because it was so easy to gently lift the tempo during gigs. now that it’s no longer there, i really wonder why. i guess i have to go and install renoise2.8 and see how i did it and report back.

i never used any tempo nudges, and there was no tool. as far as i can understand, the mouse is not supported for lua scripting? :slight_smile:

what the… 2.8 does not have this functionality either. ??! how is this even possible??

Edit: neither does 2.7.

what… i don’t remember doing incremental fractional BPM shortcuts into Paketti.

i distinctly remember doing it with the mouse. this is so confusing. … i’ll just shut up.