R3 instrument collective

I open this topic for a small R3 instrument collective
My first are here TB 303 Renoise emulator
My new(i think)a PWM instrument
2 waves.One of them invert phase.


A Pad synth and not only plus a crazy drum
Pad synth are inspired from JD 800 (I-37 Iceman).

Hi guys
I have two instruments (very powerful…i think)
Double filter modulation for both.
OctaSaw are a patch from Sonigen modular(with the same name)
DistrortedWaves are something like lfo wave sequencer,4 offset lfo modulate its amplifier.

They sound great! Something needs to done about those clicks, though. Not blaming you, but something strange is going on.
The Octasaw really has an excessive amount of clicks and pops when voice-stealing starts to happen - the first few notes are OK, and then it begins to sound bad.

I wonder why it is so noticeable/prominent with this instrument? I mean, compared with the drawbar organ sound from the factory content - a pure sinewave-based instrument with a similar polyphony (8 voices) - this one is actually worse. I’ve always figured that sinewaves were the worst kind of “offender” when it came to clicking and such.

Yes something strange is going there and the most strange are when i change the samples from continue to cut.The problem stopped but the cpu run away.
I had another problem with clicks at the end of release,but this replied with faders.
I don’t know why happen this …when i write the instr. i thing that it’s ok.
Decay must be shorter from release…because filter makes ckick.
But the problem are still with live …

New Octasaw.
Many thanks to Danoise for his report.He makes me looks better my sound :walkman:
So the PROBLEM with the first Octasaw was about THE WAVE.(STRANGE & CRAZY) :unsure:
Now all it’s OK.
This sound is not a standard instrument,you can play bass_pad_strings_etc.
Also you (if you want) can change the inv. saw or give an other volume to AMPLIFIER release (5and6 Line to decay macro)but be careful with polyphony here.
Release are modulate now from DECAY.
An other BIG thanks to renoise team for this AMAZING UPDATE.
I share a new xrns for compare :blink:
Fuck…I have an NNA error there.
Turn all the samples to NOTE OFF.

Electric Key are a new instrument:
5 keyboard zones.
3 velocity zones with smart morph distortion. :guitar:
8 macros.

Hope you are enjoy.

Vangelis would really appreciate it ;)

:D/> He he…
Blade runner…

Dark and sunny are my new sound.
2 Keyzones instrument with those extra:
Four samples layer per zone.
Two different filters per zone.
Different attack,cutoff and filter modulation for both.
Pitch modulation fx for 2nt zone (triggered after of 3/4 resonance activity) ;)
Also delay are modulate from the 2nt FiltMOD button. :walkman:


Nice and versatile sound

Thanks IT.

My new sound are inspirit of Fourier Analysis Sine Waves.

MeloTrom and ΣΙΓΜΑ are two Native R3 Instruments(NR3I).
Those synths are makes those oscillators FROM SINE WAVES(Melotrom are a little out of this)

2Zones keybord with positive and negative pitch modulation to it’s zones.
Attack and decay only for the amplifier.

Macro1_Base osc
Macro2_Morf osc…

Melotrom have a standar pan
Σιγμα Pan are modulate via ADSR

Two good METHOD to relese your sound.
1st…Play your sound and modulate it.
2nd…Play your sound in to a song.
I choose the 2nd for today.

I don’t say that is FM or AM Synth…I’m just play with sine waves.


New upload for OCTASAW.

Sounds very good!
I think you should edit your first post too with the updated instruments, to make it easier to figure out which version to download. :)