Rabbits And Wolves

Second completed track in Renoise. Weird time signature and automated filters (no LFOs here).

Have a listen.

Edit: Updated version uploaded.

Cool track, nice sounds, nice melodies and I like the automation, sounds very well done. Some really nice things happening in here. I was gonna say “I like the part that starts at…”, but realized I like all the parts, so :P

I’m not a big fan of the “extra beat”/timesignature though. It just sounds like an extra beat thrown in at the end of every pattern just for the hell of it, and doesn’t “flow properly” to my ears :confused:
That’s just me though

Edit: Second track? Wow

Thanks. :)

I can definitely understand the time signature thing. This one’s weird and jagged. It turned cool I think, but it does have that “added beat” sound that I try to avoid with odd time signatures. I certainly don’t plan to have multiple tracks in 17.

Hmm. Were you thinking it needed to be busier or louder, or that the melodic part should be less of either?

Upon further inspection, my compressor on my drum send was turned off for some reason. :blink:

I’m also changing my filter envelopes to cubic and messing with the snare sound.

Also the ending is kinda lacking something when it hits.