arrrgh!!! i just got back froma club and had to go to the shop for some riizla and got accosted in a doorway and got people shouting rarcist/homophobic comments at me - dudes, i am white and straight but what do you guys think?

i would do a poll but i’m scared of the answers…

but it got me thinking…

…big gang of colored/ethnic immigrant bastards or big gang of skinhead burnley supporting tatooeed piss heads kicking your head in?

post a YES answer if you have a valid answer: post NO if you are a NAZI cunt and want an argument…

Don’t matter what race you are, you’re gonna get that everywhere. I’m a whiteboy myself and I got friends of other ethnicity…but I know what to expect if I run into say, a group of other raced people.

It’s primal, and stupid but don’t see it ending anytime soon. I’m a nice person generally but I guess I look mean so if a toughguy spot’s me then it’s on. They always start shit. I give people what I get from them. Staying in the middle lane makes me feel like I’m doing the right thing I guess.

Keep your head up, it’s easy for a group of f****ers to act big. I go most places alone so I run into that a lot. Call me numb. If anyone in my group acts like that I’ll smack their head around a bit.

honestly, i thought you were a puerto rican homosexual.

it would have been an interesting poll.

is there a third choice? like some cake maybe? racism is everywhere. it’s friday night here. if i wanted to go to a club and stay out all night, this is what it would be like.

  1. don’t get too wasted. you might bump into somebody. you don’t want to die tonight. ten ppl from their clique might be in the corner watching, and the security guards are probably black as well, likely straight out of the penitentiary.

  2. better yet, just avoid eye contact altogether.

  3. be cautious about talking to or dancing with “their” women (aka white women).

  4. avoid discussion. incoherent intimidation tactics will be used against you. you are weak.

etc. racism is everywhere.

Your reply encourages him to be cowardly though… That isn’t good at all. Avoid eye contact? No. Don’t encourage it either. Play the middle lane. The thing I’ve found more interesting in my 26 years is how cowardly the toughguys are. Reality is just like that example in the book/movie Fight Club where they spray random people with garden hoses. Nobody really expects, or wants a fight. It’s rare. People can be pretty convincing when they get real loud or have an authoritive sounding voice, or maybe their build is big but in all reality these people amount to nothing in my experience.

Summary: They’re fakes that hide behind their group or image 99% of the time. Are you really afraid of 1%?

I learned all this the hard way. Trust me. I lived through the David and Goliath battle so many times in realtime, I’m small.

dude, the place i’m referring to is east st. louis. that’s where our all night clubs are.

it’s okay to make eye contact as you’re passing by or whatever. i was basically insinuating that you would have to be cautious about any form of interaction b/c anything you say or do would quite likely be misconstrued as an insult, or as an excuse for someone to f**** you up with thier crew simply because they feel like it. you’re outnumbered. the security guards are black. the cops are black. no one gives a f****.

Yeah, that happens. Don’t get me wrong. Really we’re just all stupid. :D

What I said rings true though. The main thing is to keep your teeth intact so you can still get sex from women. :)

I guard my face with my elbows more than anything if I get in a streetfight.

*note; Oh and I’ve been to St. Louis quite a few times. Went up the Arch :) Never had any problems at all there.

This one brought back memories, I used to play into that shit when I was 13-15… Wow.

Some cities are worse than others. This is a black city and the most dangerous city in America.

That must be a big 1%. Every time I go out there, there’s a bloody white guy in the corner. It’s easy to talk the talk but I hope you wouldn’t go into a club like that and walk the walk. There’s really nothing you can do. I maintain an image of confidence, but in reality I’m walking on eggshells. I don’t think the situation would be any different for you.

I could say the same about Chicago or LA, but that doesn’t mean there’s not bad areas. It’s not what city you’re in, it’s what part of town you’re in.

Ok, I’m gonna duck out of this one. It’s gotta be different for everyone. f****, just the way you look differs how people will react to you.

My main point: If someone gets in your face, fight them. You probably won’t even have to bother… As they walk away.