Rack 2 - first draft

Freestyling with the Marbles, unmixed and raw


Another play


Another journey

Going easy

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Sunday morning coffee patching

Reach in…

Monday Mindtravel

Work it out

Another sketch…

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The problem with vcv rack,is that when you begin to use it and browse the library,all the other VST synths appear like 'toys"

You can approach even more analog sound "outputing’ the sound from a soundcard and “inputing” in another card (preamp->preamp) (24bit-96Khz)

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That’s a cool trick!

Modular Cycling… takes a while to get used to… if ever! :wink:

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No limit with vcv
And the sound is excellent…when 24 bit and => 88.2 Khz

From my point of view,the future is in vcv

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Just compare “Pulse width modulation” (“the judge”) quality with other synths…And the choice is made…no?:slightly_smiling_face:

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Sub hobbies and more Vimeo Controlled Voltages

Winter Cares