"Racks" for effects? Grouping effects to reuse later?


I am not sure if someone didn’t mention it before (I skimmed threads here and didn’t found) and I think for now there is no such feature…

What I miss in Renoise - having prepared nice chain of effects - I would like to have possibility to save it and just reuse in different projects.

Basically speaking - it is like “Rack” functionality in Ableton.

It does not sound like super difficult to introduce with next release - or perhaps it is already and I am just plain blind? :)



You can save device chain presets for the whole horizontal layout of a track, but what’s missing from a complete implementation of Ableton style racks is the ability to split and combine signals.

Such flexible effects racks or some kind of chaining or modular setup is one of the biggest things missing in Renoise.

at the main windows look at the lower left…where you see “Track DSPs”…click it…then look at the lower right side…where the devices (and effect-plugins) are showed…right click there and there will popup a menue “Device Chain” - voila…there u can copy/paste /load/save your Device Chains (“Racks”)!

woohoh, seems I was just lazy bastard!

With your hint “Device Chain” I found this: http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Track_DSPs#Loading.2FSaving_Effect_Chains


I was wondering and hoping there was a way to do this, I was actually just about to ask. That’s AWESOME! Now I can make a library of guitar tones and not have to recreate common ones every time.

Well, I missed it - I didn’t know simply about it… Somehow this great feature in Renoise is not so well advertised like Racks or similar things in other DAWs :)