Radio Program : Music Needed !

Hi everyone !

Over here in Antwerp - Belgium, I have a radio program called Inter:Music. It just started but has already a huge succes.

The goal of “Inter:Music” was to give airplay to music of various very good 'net’artists and 'net’labels. People who’s music is sometimes even better than the commercial big boys who got a big fat contract with a label.

It started with 2 parts. Part One was the club/dub, groove/disco/jazz-house, dance and a little bit trance. Part two was the chill/experimental/lounge part.

Every part is beatmixed togheter in a mix of 60 minutes. And this was ok for now.

However yesterday the station asked to drop the chill part and to make a the “groove” part last 2 hours. No problem I said, but… I noticed that within not so much time I will run out of this kind of music.

So here’s my question. If you, your friend(s) make/compose/produce would you be so kind to give me a mail/link with or to your great song ? Or if you have some link archive with links to artists/groups/netlabels with music as club/dub, groove/jazz/disco house, techno, dance would you be so kind to share it with me ?

I will give credits to you in the program and when the website for the radioprogram is completed, I will state every artist with link etc on it.

Anyone got something ?

Thanks !

DJGeert (from Antwerp, Belgium)

You could also visit this site and post a topic in the forum. There are a lot of very talented artists over there and I’m sure you would find someone who’d be interested :)

Hi Evilcookie,

Thanks for your tip. I will do this at once.

You know there are soooo much artists and groups but sometimes it’s very hard to know which style they compose/produce :blink:

For example i’ve just made an almost complete mirror of on some local fileservers over here. And there’s a lot of good stuff on it. Bu also sometimes still in de propriate file format (.xm / .it / .s3m) and then it’s hard to unzip the file, listen to it, and if it’s good to master it so i can use it in the show.

Also there’s a lot of chill and even drum 'n bass (and alike styles) and that’s why I originally wanted to make a ‘part two’ with chill. Even in the future I wanted to dedicate a part 3 on drum 'n bass.

But first I have to follow the stations rules :unsure: untill of coarse the program will have so much listeners that I can do almost everything I want to have in the show :D

Hello everyone,

I already got quite a few emails. However there seem to be a problem whenever someone tries to mail me with the mail function on this board :blink: Because everytime I receive a mail with only the first line of the body message :unsure:

If you prefer to contact me @ my mail : here it is djgeert [at] djgeert . be

Keep on making music ! :)

Having some renoise promo in mind you can also check out the Song-Page and Song-Forum here on

Hello P.T.

I’m browsing the song-page again as we speak… erm write :P
Of coarse there are also some very good things over there :D



If I say something good it’s bullshit ? Reverse logic ? ; :blink:

For the people who didn’t knew what I ment with the styles as I wrote in the original post, I’ve uploaded a part of the show.

You can download it here : Inter:Music Sample

Warning : The file is almost 30 Mb do not download through your analogue modem ; <_<

sorry, just thought that you was bullshitting… :D

I don’t seem to be able to open the link you gave <_<
what’s wrong with it? Am I the only experiencing this? :huh:

Same here… The link only leads to some page where you’re supposed to choose between french and dutch but I speak neither one of them. :(


sorry… I kind of got nuts of all the email and reactions :)
and didn’t track the topic over here :unsure:

Also sorry about the link … my fault again …
I will upload a new session of the show and post the link
over here.

To Guest-kaneel …

Thanks for your links, I’ll certainly check them out…
except the ‘Thinner’ one … because I already downloaded
a huge amount of tracks from them :)

To Guest-Kaneel

You may spam your ass of if you like <_<
But maybe to my email address instead of the forum…
Just in case the moderators would get crazy :D

al your tips are welcome at

  • djgeert [at] djgeert [dot] be
  • intermusic [at] topradioantwerpen [dot] be

Keep on groovin’

Hi Renoise lovers :)

I’ve fixed the broken ‘Inter:Music Sample’ download. I accidently deleted the file on my providers webspace, thinking I didn’t need it anymore… stupid me :blink:

Anyway, now it’s more than a ‘sample’ B)

Now it’s the complete show from last friday (16th July 2004 / 2 hours). Sorry about the low quality stream file. I needed to squeeze 2 hours in max 50 Mb, since the webspace I get at my provider is only 50 Mb ;)

I’ve managed to put the complete two hours in an 48 Mb .ogg file
at ±45 kbps / 32kHz / stereo settings. With som pre/post processing however I managed to get kind of a ‘FM broadcast’ quality out of it.
I hope you downloaders don’t think the quality is too low :blink:

Something else stupid me did, was to forget the ‘jingle’ feed to the recording outputs. The microphones were disabled, but occasionaly you’ll hear a station call/jingle or a inter:music jingle. Sorry for the not 100% music experience :unsure:

I hope you still like some of the work I did …

And last but not least : the download link :

- Inter:Music - 2 hours groovin’ -

Keep the groove flowing :D