Radiohead Release New Remixing Project: Bummed I Can't Use Renoise

Hey all. Radiohead has a new remix project for Reckoner. I’d love to participate in this via renoise. Unfortunately, the track is mixed at 104.3 BPM. Renoise doesn’t currently let you do this, rounding the BPM to the nearest integer.

Any plans on supporting BPMs to a tenth of a BPM? Sometimes for remixing you’ll need this level of precision.

Cheers to all. Renoise is beautiful software.


You could always fine tune the samples to match whatever BPM you want =p … that extra .3 bpm probably wouldn’t even noticeably affect the pitch.

Or, you could try using 1043 bpm :P

In the meantime you could simply finetune the samples in Renoise, bringing them down to exactly 104 bpm, or whatever bpm you were thinking of working with. You could also use the sample sync feature to automatically handle this for you.

Edit: Byte was quicker on the draw than me :D


Nobody cares about this .3 unless you are using samples 50 patterns long. :P

Why is it that you feel you can’t use Renoise? Do you want your remix to be exactly the same tempo as the original or is it that you feel you can’t sync new tracks in renoise to the existing samples? …or something else entirely?

I wanted to prove you wrong by doing a quick remix, but apparently the bits can only be downloaded through iTunes… Seriously WTF!?

Get a mac and use the built in AUPitch plug-in.

And a hundred other solutions…

Seems a bit uncreative that you can’t figure out how to work with Renoise for a remix contest?

Anyway, good feature request, bad assessment of the situation.

yeah after thinking about it for more than 2 minutes (and after the pot wore off) it’s definitely an easy thing to work around (ha).

however, precise BPM to the decimal would still be nice.

edit: also, serious wtf on the itunes-only sample release. fucking itunes.