Radiohead Remixes!

I realize this might go better in the song forum, but I think it’s general/important enough to be in general.

For those of you who haven’t heard, Radiohead is having a remix contest. They’ve got the stems on iTunes for 99 cents each (sort of a ripoff, I know) and they are hosting remixes on their site for fan voting. On May 1st, Radiohead will listen to the top 10.

SO, let’s see those Renoise-made mixes :)

I’ll Start

This is all Renoise, using just Thom’s vocal as the basis. The rest is 100% original.

Let’s get on this and get some Renoise mixes in the top 10!


Yet you post in “Beginners Questions”…

Someone really should move this to the songs forum to get the attention it deserves.

Because this track is amazing! Definitely the best among all I’ve came accross in my short time on this forum. I gave my vote for it. It’s way better than the one that’s currently in first place.

Great job, troupe!

God bless you, Troupe!!! :rolleyes:

You’re in the top #10 now !!!

TROUPE Thats some remix!