Radium Tracker

Maybe this tracker related project could be of interest to some people here? Seems to be coded by a guy in Norway:



  • Sound effects automation - Tempo automation - Velocity automation - Polyphonic tracks - Unlimited number of tracks. - Unlimited number of lines. - Unlimited note, tempo, and effect precision. - Unlimited Undo/Redo - Zoom in/out. - Blazingly snappy graphics - Import standard midi files and MMD2/MMD3 modules - Note sequence effects such as transpose, quantitize, glizzando, invert and reverse. - Support for Jack MIDI and ALSA MIDI. (Both at the same time.) - Configurable key bindings, menues, fonts, and colors. - Extension language support. Write programs that generates music or modifies your songs. - Western style scores can be generated from radium songs with Common Music Notation (CMN).

The development of Radium started in 1999 on the Amiga platform. Since then it has been ported to Linux and Windows.

Radium uses the following packages:

Radium is mainly programmed in C, C++ and Python. It currently contains around 100K LOC.

wow this looks awesome, i need to try it…
thank you!

external link is wrong! mate-

this is the working link.

Ah, thanks, fixed the link.


looks like an interesting tracker initially coded for amiga then ported to linux/min/mac, however using the jack server on windows instead of dealing with the directsound api is counter-intuitive ; I had lots of errors during the jack server install …

I’ve used this over many years before Renoise , was kind of a beta tester on the 68k Amiga:-)

It supports TPP and QP midi interface( i’ve got the TPP) and was a nice Midi tracker(no sample support) interface with the graphic line for effects:-)

Still use the last Amiga version from time to time ;)

Same guy also coded NSM plugin system for Amiga OctaMed soundstudio for more Midi support :yeah:

Woah cool, looks like a screen shot of renoise wish-list features! Surprised I never heard of this before. I like to find these lost/underappreciated tracker programs (although I probably end up spending more time looking for them than working with them).

The bars within the tracker grid remind me a bit of ztracker, one of my pet favorite programs when I was feeling nostalgic for trackers in the days before schism tracker came around (and I got tired of midi loopback driver b.s.) - http://iweb.dl.sourceforge.net/project/ztracker/ztracker-screenshots/0.70/zt-0.70-bars2.jpg

Check out! Radium 3

this thing looks very wierd :smiley:

if renoise is a tracker on steroids, than radium is a tracker on acid and crack coctail

I need to install jack to get the windows version to work, wat??

Yes you need. Radium don’t work without jack

Oohh, this wonderful modular fx routing, like back in days in Buzz! That objective approach is so superior to all other. And automation drawing directly in the pattern, wow. + Wave preview inplace (don’t like this transforms). Awesome. Sadly no native OSX version, only some wrapped version, that feels like an alien element in the os.

Is anyone seriously using this? Looks intersting, but it took me 1 hour to figure out how to load samples or vsts.

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since i cannot find any video tutorials, i’m interested for some basic getting-started* stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

it literally says "click meclickme "

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There’s a talk here: http://lac.linuxaudio.org/2014/video.php?id=16

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Maybe open a demo track and play with it.

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Good news!

The biggest news this time is the ability to run Radium without Jack. The reason for this is that there have been numerous reports of trouble with running Jack on Windows, experienced both by myself and by others, and one report of trouble running Jack on MacOS.



I can kinda-sorta sequence a few notes in Radium for Mac. It’s still really beta, cuz OpenGL on Big Sur. It starts up and works. Still too abstract, too many visuals to look at.

God damn, their little granular section is kick ASS though!

If we could just have that little section in Renoise, oh man, the sequencing that could be done with that and any little loop, editing the sliders via tracker commands…. It’s just so beautiful. Please, may we have that native? Or a native module that does that, to use anywhere?