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Hey Yall !!!

I am proud to announce my first blog-post, even though it is more like some kind of Rægæ System story-mode.


Link in image.

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Make more irie art like this please

It is more pictures coming, as soon as I find time to edit and upload : D

After many years I finally got all my belongings ( belongings = stuff you move to another place ina boxes when you go to live in another place ) into one place. To my new home.

Been living all around Finland, so gathering that stuff together was quite an effort. 8 boxes of stuff that I had no idea what them consisted. All kinds of weird things and memories from along the years, those are burden because I don’t know what to do to/with them. But anyways I went through those 8 boxes of strange things and from among the all the irrelevant objects I picked and digged up at least 60 + pictures : D Images from the Rægæ universe, comic plans, movie storyboards, situations from journeys, fast sketches, and above all, all kinds of dangerous cybernetic robot situations illustrations : P

I have not been drawing that much in recent years, maybe one drawing in two months, but it seems to be a lot if gathered together from span of many years. At least I can publish those images . . .

Story continues ...


Link in image.

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This image should actually be at this point of the story.

I have not been that productive at music bisnes lately, but I have been painting, and I would like to share one image with you. Maybe upcoming album art.

-Robot Girl Falling-

Here she is falling towards planet after jumping from the dropship …

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Make more irie art like this please

I am also cooking new art , just have to get rid of old ones first ; D

I had to go to forest away from electricity for a while with bunch of hippies, to have my yearly retreat. Before that my Ubuntu laptop broke down, i lost some images/xrns-files. but from the garbage i found win7 desktop computer outside my house last year and that is still rokin’ , computer i have made all those 60+ scans , thank god! because of very old scanner that Ubuntu dont have drivers… Anyhow , soon more …

Hi, this might be a bit of a random question but where did you go away to with a bunch of hippies?

I really need to get the f**k out from where I live. Retreats with hippies sounds pretty good to me.

Can you recommend a good place for like-minded people along with peace and quiet?

Also if you dont want to post the name of the place publicy send me a private message.

Where I live right now there are many violent football thug hooligan retard and judgmental entitled yuppies.

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Atleast here in finland, wherever ina forest, builda bonfire (needs to be very very firesafe now), call friends, hold hands ina circle, sing, eat, dance ; P

Chilling in a forest with a campfire sounds nice.

I really need to get out of the city somehow.

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it just came into my mind, i could arrange some gatherings ina forest. couple of days without electricity at bonfires, den couple days with electricity, some Renoise tunes, projector art, decorations, new friends … it would be nice to meet U renoiseheads here at finland one day ; D

I dont know any hippien gatherings right now, dem are more like around new year and next summer …


!!! watch out !!!

Heh, it is so hard to decide how i present the story of ours cybernetic realm, choosing next image, its gonna be rad. “what happened to him/dj rægæ”

_- Rægæ System Story Part 2 -_

“what happened to him”


“Scifi leffan kässäri” = Manuscriptie of scifi movie

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( ( (( ... investigating ... )) ) )


~ * --_/^.,./^_-- * ~

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Now on Insta !!!

And Facebook —>

aayyiJeEE raegae006_small.pngEEee, colours !!!

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- raegae007_small.png-

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I edited this topic for new forum centering all images by adding this:
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And by the way, SOON more story-pictures !!!
ps. does anybody know how to make text colorful in this new forum post editor???