Edit 20.10.2016: _ I ReReleased this tune. There is now some Djembe action, and all kinds of trix here and there. Enjoy !! _

… brother called me twice during the original recording / freestylin -session, and told me to prepare applejam, anyways I decided to leave those errors / ringtones into the song to give it authenticity …

28.9.2016 Hey !! Some Fresh Freeztyle Räp. This Is For You Finnish People !!! ; p

Once again I woke up from hibernation with some broken cybernetic bodyparts. After repair it came time to make multimedia again.

style: Jungle, Freestyle-Räp, Rap, Drum ‘n’ Bass

ps. trailer of upcoming Rægæ short film

I am gonna soon remix this song one more time, be warned !!!