Rægæ System


( Have been learning some html basics : - P )

This page is new home for RægæSystem-stuff. You’ll find one new dnb (djembe’n’bass) tune with some multimedia.

If something is not working on page, you want to make remix, or whatever --> let me know.

More content coming soon.

Have a nice time!! -Rægæ-

Forgot to mention that 3D-Visuals (ie Burster) at the raegae.org are not supported in Mac realm, yet. Burster is Blender3D webplayer. From Burster home geta3d.com I found this text “MacOS version - not even started” from “Get involved” section … so there is hope. But still Mac-people, You can download dnb_section.blend file, download blender3D and get awesome RægæSystem-experience through blender game engine locally :-p just hit P when hovering over 3D viewport.

Another thing, if You want bigger 3D-Visuals just zoom in in Your browser (might need refresh).

Thirdly I found out that I have no sound in burster window in Ubuntu when tapping Z, might be because ATI/radeon. In that case you have alternative play button on listen row.

In Windoze world everything seems to work right.

Found interesting bug when testing raegae.org on Ubuntu 12.04 and Opera browser

Background of the 3D view is showing what is behind browser.
This is actually feature that I was dreaming to Blender have, to show 3D content hovering over renoise when renoise is projected on wall when performing.
At least now I know it is possible : D

Having a little monologue here :D
If you have any constructive critics, suggestions, feelings, something in mind about this page, feel free to say. Did anyone see any 3D visuals?

I am very noob at creating webpages, and never really been maintaining any.

Just wanted to start constructing some place that is really my looking, instead of fakebooks bandpage, bandcamp or soundcloud. There is nothing bad with these just wanted more freedom.