Raiden Atari Jaguar lead instrument

I was playing around with a plugin and recreated the lead sound from the Raiden soundtrack on Atari Jaguar.The filtered one sounds like it was on the soundtrack and the other one is the same thing just without the filter. and

It’s probably been 20 years since I played Raiden (arcade) but I think you nailed it, @MachinaeWolf—I recognized the sound as soon as I held E4–E5 on the filtered patch.

Do you remember what plugin you used to make the samples?

I used initial audio’s sektor synth plugin. It goes on sale in audio plugin deals a bit and probably plugin boutique as well. I can send you the preset if you want to check it out if you get the synth.

Here’s a cross fade looped version of the filtered lead, just for fun:


Nice! Checked my emails and I got sektor on for $15 when it was on sale that time. If you make an account you can signup for their email newsletters that tell you when stuff is on sale, the same is true for

Could probably get it cheaper later at audoplugin deals but on pluginboutique it’s $40 for limited time Sektor, Sektor plugin, buy Sektor, download Sektor trial, Initial