Raise Our Glases Of Drink To The Renoise Team!

renoise, the greatest tracker ever as of now! No - im not drunk, after making so many amazing tunes on renoise i think we should really appreicate their good spirit and enthusiasm to make us happy-tracker-heads!
They’ve made making tunes ‘fun’ again. It has a fantastic sound quality (imo)

big ups to all of you, mainly the team but also the community on here who give out help and suggest new ideas.

raises glass :) :) :yeah:



Proper celebration:

Sod buying people drinks or toasting…Ill personaly have a sex change and marry any one of them!

Renoise has made me that happy.

Hey, keep your bottles closed until we managed to release this 1.9 “thing”. Else we wont have anything to drink on/with… :wink:

No! I re-cycle! ;)

So true… every word you said =)

Renoise team we <3 you!!

…and we hope you know it…

You are bringing the sunshine back into our music making :)

*raising 1…

Hail the developers of RenoiSe!

You’ve kept tracking alive, and our hearts warm. Wish you the best… :)

I wanna sacrifice my soul to the trackergod that is tiktak. i would actually be prety stuck if it wasn’t for renoise!!

same here…

I really need to join all this appraisal … If renoise wouldn’t be there I would had to spend alot of time to learn cubase or something similar … I am really glad that there is a software that is technically up to par with other DAW software and that’s based on a tracker-workflow … I love it.

Thanx alot guys.

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Renoise team we <3 you!!

and we hope you know it…


damn right I hope they know it, I’d honestly pay more for renoise!! and what about ‘tip’ money? :)

I just hope they continue the Renoise sega (unlike a few other trackers who just stop)</0x00005628548895f0>