Rakit Metal

Does anyone here have any gear by Rakit? A new percussion synth is released tomorrow! https://www.rakits.co.uk/

Their kits are great if you’re into soldering, they also sell their stuff assembled.


Thnx for the Info

Have the Rakit Drum Synth, clear Sound, good Quality, value for Money

Cool, yeah me too! I have the audio mixer too which you cant fault for the price.

Here’s a vid for the new one

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Didn’t know about this brand. Interesting sounds and quite affordable, I’m adding them to my wishlist.

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Directed and produced by midierror

nice Demo!

Does anyone know a Source for angled patch Plugs (for soldering)?
i am happy with the two Rakits and CV.OCD Midi CV Gate Converter from Sixty Four Pixels
Works with iPad -Patterning (also with Renoise)
Unfortunately have a free space Problem at Home …

Edit: CV.OCD Example:

theyre great. darren who runs the company with his wife is a really nice chap

what do you mean? is that your setup??

No, not mine :sob:

6.3 Cable Angle Plug are at Guitar-Pedalboards “Standart” because it safe Space
i search the same, Angle Plugs in 3,5 Mono for Rakit-Pedals

Do not see something like that at Eurorack Modular World