Ran Android Last Night On My Phone

Very impressed!

They wrote a bootloader that reboots the phone from WinMo into Android.

it basically allows you to put everything on the root of a storage card, declare which kernel (still very much in dev stage), an image to use for a filesystem and memory and all the other fun stuff you would need to run a linux system.
very very Fresh!!

Then all you have to do to install android packages is make a folder in the root storagecard named GoogleApps or something similar and presto!

anyone have links to android apps?

oh whoops, I didn’t see the market thing until just now, was having a bit of trouble getting a data connection to run last night.

working very well now!

gotta find a tracker and an OSC client!

I read about an OSC client being written on noisepages in their open sound control group.

wow that sounds interesting… got some links where to get this ? im all new to this, no idea where to start, really. thanks.

I used this site:

for my kaiser/tytnii/tilt
that site is for HTC phones, as far as other phones go, try xda developers forum:

from there you can find your WinMo phone, and be able find the status of android development.

what kind of phone do you have?

It’s also possible to take the name/model of the phone + android to find info in googles android development area, but xda is pretty much the nexus of these guys developing this stuff.

ive got a htc touch here (re branded to t-mobile mda touch)

you got everything working, even the app store/marketplace ?

thanks again for posting about this ! time to tweak :]

Htc Touch, Nice One!
I’m pretty Impressed by their work!
It’s a great time as from what I can tell looking at the 1.1 builds, the 1.5 ports/builds shouldn’t be too far off from being completed.

On my TytnII, everything except the stuff that doesn’t work yet listed, works. :)
I have unlimited data so I downloaded 30-40+ apps & widgets yesterday.
Haven’t used the store/ non-free stuff yet.

Just ran Tricorder.
not enough sensors in the tytnII but it works fun. :D

StreamFurious is good too.
provides a link to shoutcast, opens shoutcast in the browser and pressing tune in at shoutcast adds it to streamfurious.
streams run so much better than on winmo.

I haven’t yet but have you tried the Hero to Kaiser port being talk about in this thread?

yes certainly nice stuff :] , does wifi work also for you ?

ive got no luck so far here… ive tried your last link also… but they all keep booting into winmo os… after i have run haret… also im not sure what to edit in the default.txt config to make it work…

Wifi at the moment doesn’t work for me. Right now I’m using the “zImage-08-08-09” kernel.

At first I ran the “kaiserWifizImage” kernel, and I was having trouble getting my data connection to work, so I switched over to “zImage-08-08-09” kernel. Think I’ll try it again after I write this down.

I’m not sure but if I were you I would try using something like this in the text file you give Haret:

set RAMSIZE 0x08000000  
set MTYPE 1910  
set KERNEL kaiserWifizImage  
set initrd initrd.gz  
# kernel options   
set cmdline "ppp.nostart=0 mddi.width=320 mddi.height=428 msm_sdcc.msmsdcc_fmax=32000000 pm.sleep_mode=0 board-htcvogue.panel_type=1 no_console_suspend"  

I think that could work, the “1910” is a device type for the codename Raphael as referenced on this page:

which after further looking 1910 is for the HTC Touch Pro.
If you have the “HTC Touch CDMA” I believe this one may actually be codename Vogue.
Though I’m not sure where these device type codenames and corresponding machine types digits come from.
So I would try 1910, and switch out the kernels, if that doesn’t work, try 1667 (default I think for Vogue) and switch out kernels. I’m not quite sure of anything at this moment, use the main default.txt as reference for your device.

Also, I don’t think it would ever harm your device, I just feel it may be necessary to warn you changing anything other than what they have given us to work with could be dangerous to your device.
Other than that I think it should be okay.

wifi does work using kaiserWifizImage

Didn’t think to look at the bottom till the other night

started running a zimage (kernel) built from the developers git repository.

currently running “16-Aug-2009 06:06”

can keep up on status here:

Has anyone started work on an Android tracker yet?

Edit: droid sound is a player for MOD, S3M, XM, IT, STM, MTM, 669, NSF, GBS, SPC, SID - haven’t spotted a song editor/tracker/midi sequencer yet though. (Well there’s this, but it just crashes on me in it’s current version: http://www.synthulator.com/ )

/starts lurking the noisepages android-love group.

I was checking this out again today, it seems the xda-devs found a method to flash android to run native now, but it’s gotten incredibly confusing from what I can see. Looks like one needs a hard-spl first to flash android, I’m unsure how to do that yet.
Roms are being built for several different panel types (button sets).