Ran Out Of Slide Speed..

I’m sliding from an E to a G# over one line and found 05ff isn’t quite fast enough… I take it there’s no way to make the slide even faster?


option 1) add another command column (use the “+” icon on the right-top of the track, or LCTRL+LSHIFT+rightarrow) and put another 05xx there

option 2) double the Lines Per Beat locally, by using command F1xx (xx = new lines per beat value, in hexadecimal), and your 05FF will be as twice as fast

You didn’t really mention the octaves used in your slide, but after doing a quick test, I find that all of these single line slides work for me:

E-300 .. ....  
G#400 .. 05ff  
E-400 .. ....  
G#400 .. 05ff  
E-500 .. ....  
G#400 .. 05ff  

I guess you must be sliding over a larger note range than this?

(It-Alien beat me to it, so follow his advice)

Thanks guys, still just getting back into tracking after a far too long time away. Was feeling lazy so didn’t want to go down the option 1 route, but doubling up the effects is working perfectly, so cheers!

@dblue - those notes are actually next to each other but it just wasn’t snappy enough. Trying out a slightly odd baseline here… :)

Thanks again!

Hmm… why not start the “slide” already on the E-note using the 01xx-command and then the 05FF on the G#-note?