[???] Random Crashes (With Adern Kick Me Vst?)

Experiencing a lot of random cashes when renoise tries to load a song …it does load it niocely but then crashes without any warning …
I trid to narrow down the problemss by eleminitaing certain shaddy plugs , but since I only use few plugs ( reaktor, zebra …/
Anyways …iI think the problematic plug is 'adern kick me ’ a free plug coded in c++ in a synthmaker shell , I think renoise crashes when the song before the crash has the 'adern kick me ’ …so something like a memory leak or wahteve .
Can someone confirm …;and just install adern kick ( the vst plug .not the sample pack )

If the Multi-CPU option is checked for this plugin (question mark button), try to uncheck it and see if that works.
Synthmaker cannot handle multiple CPU’s. Most known synthmaker plugins are by default stored with this option turned off, but some can always be missed.

This is for sure a problem with Synthedit creations, but I’m not sure if it affects SynthMaker.

Only mentioning this because of the potential name mix-up. Never heard of this plugin myself, so I don’t know for sure how it was made.

@gentleclockdivider: If you could provide a link to the plugin’s website, it would be useful to know more about it.

Ewps, you are right, i made a mix-up here.
Anyway: http://www.vst4free.com/free_vst.php?plugin=KickMe!_Too&id=804
I can’t get Renoise 2.7.2 to crash with this plugin, so it must then be a combination of…