Random Instrument Suggestion

It’d be nice if there was a button that could that would selected a loaded instrument from the list randomly for those moments where you’re not sure what instrument to play.

Very easy to program via the Renoise LUA api.

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Yeah but I’m stupid and don’t know how to code.

Ok, since you say you are too stupid, let me help you. Here is a tool draft. It creates a shortcut “Global:Tools:Select random instrument”:
com.renoise.RandomInstrument.xrnx (1007 Bytes)

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By tool draft you mean it’s not the actual tool correct?

Try it and see if it works. Are you able to do that or do you need guidance using tools and shortcuts?

Tried; just not sure where it’s located and the way ffx initially worded it sounds like it’s just a draft for creating tools and not the tool it self.

I think “tool draft” means ffx just had a quick go at it to try to help you but do not necessarily intend to finetune, update and release the tool through the official channels.

Go to Edit->Preferences->Keys.
Search for select random instrument. Select it below. Assign a shortcut.

If you manage to do that, you’ll execute the tool by using the shortcut.

Got it working now?

Negative; like I found it but I don’t know if that there’s a key that’s not binded to already and it’d be better if it were right clickable on where you add instruments; but whatever I guess.

I think you can only use the tool by assigning a shortcut and then use that. Some tools work that way.

No shortcut is assigned to the tool when you install it. You have to find an unused key combo first, assign it and then execute the tool by using that key combo.

I don’t think there’s a menu entry for it, so you have to go by keys, not mouse.

Thanks @Drop_Shadow . Exactly, the tool only works if you use the shortcut which you set before. I improved the code a tiny bit (see above), but the detection, whether an instrument slot is used or not is lame, only checks for name == ‘’.

What key did you end up assigning it to?

I ended up using “-”. It’s kinda good, actually it should come built in in next version of Renoise, but it’d be better if it randomly picked one from the the unloaded music files if possible.

It would be nice if both options were built in in the next version and there was a button to press that did those things.

Don’t remember. I just tried it to affirm that it works so I could help you. I don’t use this tool myself. Good to know you got it working.