Random number and letters keep appearing on my tracks


These letters and numbers keep randomly appearing on my tracks (04 MO 127). They don’t have any effect on the track but it’s getting annoying and I would like to fix it.

I just got a Renoise license the other day but the same thing kept happening on the demo version.

You have a midi controller connected?
Seens like it gets input from a midi controller… I have this when i have my old m-audio keyboard connected which behaves weird sometimes…

Yes an Alesis V49. Have you not been able to find a fix?

the issue is that your controller is sending midi even without touching it (probably some knobs have some issues…). This is going to cause problem in other DAWs too… one fix would be to disable your controller if you are not actively using it to record stuff

I have this issue too with an old keyboard


Ahh that’s annoying. Luckily my controller has got software to tweak certain things so I’ll see if I can fix it. Thanks for your help!