Random Sample Attack 'Softening'

I think this is a bug with Renoise, not sure. But until it’s resolved, I can’t make any music.

If I playback or render-to-sample some parts of my track, I sometimes get this strange volume softening of the output. If I render it 10 times in a row, I get one of two different outputs. Either this…

which is CORRECT, or this…

…which is wrong.

So my questions are - what would cause this ‘softening’ to occur? And more importantly, why would it be happening randomly?!



In your screenshot you have “auto adjust” turned on.

This button is the plague that never ends. Did you turn it on on purpose?

If not, start there.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, it’s switched ‘on’ on purpose. It doesn’t seem to make a difference to my problem if it’s switched on or off.

I’m sure it’s something simple overall, but rather than have us take random guesses at what it could be, can you possibly upload the .XRNS somewhere so that we can take a closer look at it?

hey i recognise this from a couple of versions ago. that when i rendered a song the very beginning of the track had such a problem, the remainder of the song the level was good. i solved it by making the first pattern 4 lines longer and moved all lines down by 4 and cut of the silence afterwards. didnt use renoise a couple of years and havent encountered it in 2.7 gladly :)

are the drops happening randomly during the track or just at the beginning ?

Yeah had similar to you in the past Endonyx, with some VSTs (can’t remember if instruments, effects or both) and solved it by starting with a blank pattern of only a few lines.

Don’t really do any Render Selection so do not know if it also affected this, or only Rending Song, but if it does it makes it even more worrying/important.

Looks like some of the anti-click routines kicking in here, but usually this is for fading out and not fading in.

Did you use any automation envelopes inside the track(eventually in the last patterns) involvning the volume, cut etc.?

  • sometimes in my Renoise it starts the same way as I stopped it.

Did you get this sorted Weyheyhey!? Hope you can make music still, I’m coming to see you play soon!

Please let us know what the problem was…as a beginner, I’m quite keen to know if this auto-adjust button is really the plague??

i.e. Is it ever going to do hard edits to samples or envelopes or just limit them??

It simply changes the master volume on the post mixer.

It shouldn’t affect rendering, but it’s always the first place I look when I see mysterious amplitude problems.