Random signals recorded in sequencer

I started working on a new song last night and had to use a different MIDI interface than the one I normally do because I couldn’t get the drivers for the other one installed. The thing I’m using is a PreSonus AudioBox USB interface.

It worked, but as I was sequencing notes I’d get these random signals showing up in the sequencer as if it was recording MIDI notes from something. However, I had turned off the MIDI input, so it shouldn’t have been recording anything. I generally use my computer keyboard to sequence the notes and then let the computer play the music keyboard, so there’s rarely any need for MIDI input with my setup.

I’ve attached a screenshot of what they look like. They do always seem to be the same, although one time the first number was 03 and on playback it lowered the notes an octave.

What are they and how do I make them stop showing up?



Check the “Record & Play Filter section”:

  • Disable Pitchbend & Controllers (M1 effect). M1 - Pitch bend, xx = main value, yy = fine-tune value.

Here you can avoid recording certain effects, such as the velocity, or note-OFFs among others …

Go to: https://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Effect_CommandsMIDI Commands and read it.

Ah, thanks! I’ll take a look tonight when I get home from work.

Yeah, that did it. Thanks!

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