i post this here also, enriched by other users input, just in case.

what about an LFO Device smooth Random oscillator with a setting for the transition time between random values?
or maybe Adding inertia (similar to the Filter inertia) to the LFO output could indeed be very interesting

also, please bring back the generate random envelope button in the automation tab, if its not too much trouble.


As I put in the other thread my vote would probably go to this being part of the Hydra, then you can have a different amount of Inertia from the same random LFO depending on which parameter it’s being sent to.

More than just the Random has gone and others have said they’d quite like a few of them back… You can still access them via Context Menu or whatever Keyboard Shortcut you wish to set up for them.

inertia in the lfo would still be nice, but what you suggest will also work fine for me.

about the random button yes i know about the menus but i thought it would not be too much trouble to put it back where it was. but yes, this thing is of no real importance.