Randomize (Alt-F7) seems broken?

is this a bug? the randomize function (alt+f7 shift+f7 etc.) does nothing. am i doing something wrong or is this a bug?

Maybe you need to give the function, section in Renoise you’re trying to randomize focus first?

randomize in renoise, only works on values (like velocities, pan, command- values).
i guess you tried to randomize note- data, to do that you need this tool http://www.renoise.com/tools/randomize-notes

so randomize works for you guys?
i actually wanted to randomize velocity values and the pattern editor is in focus. and nothing happens.

What’s your “Processing Scope” set to?

@see: http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Advanced_Edit#Processing_Scope

i tried with every Section to Process and volume ticked in content mask. i select everything and hit alt+f7 and nothing happens. (humanize, ctrl+h work with no problem btw.)

what you people mean is that it works for you??

It doesn’t seem to work here!

so? is it a bug that needs to be fixed?

FAFAIK, lots of effect processing functions only work on values that represent a line that actually contains note-values. If there are no note values, the effect values don’t change.

yeah, tried it with note-events, doesn’t work.

ok let me rephrase. i dont think randomize works but maybe i am wrong and it does.
so i may simply not understand how randomize works. and i dont even have a clue.

can anyone walk me through the steps that have to be made so that randomize (alt+f7) does something?

I took a closer look to this, since it is a block operation, i selected pattern contents and simply hit the button, including all content mask checked.
I guess i should join you with the question marks now, it indeed seems broken.

Can’t get it to do anything here, and I can’t find any explanation of a “Randomize” function in the manual either. Humanize, yes, Randomize, no.

…maybe a scripter can fill in the gap and provide the ultimate randomization tool?

Set min, max scope etc ;)

this sounds like a good idea.

Depending on what kind of effects you are aiming for, but if this is for note- volume- and instrument column, epic arpeggiator already allows you steps towards this.

The Randomize function only affects pattern command values.

The Humanize function affects note volume, note panning, note delay, and pattern command values.