Randomize Notes?

hey guys. feel free to slap me upside the head cause i’m sure its been discussed. but is there a way to randomize notes? i’d like to be able to generate a drum kit, input a ‘default’ pattern, then be able to randomize the same pattern with different hits.

if this isn’t possible, i’m sure its already been a feature request.


I think this one will do what you need…
To remove the chord, remove the other notes in the subtracks.


thanks! gonna give it a go.

out of curiosity, would this be a feature that is difficult to implement directly into renoise? it’d be so much easier to make a selection of notes in a column then, randomize ‘selection’. *not that the musicgen looks that difficult/time consuming :slight_smile:

thanks again.

k, a really stupid question…

how do i install musicgen? can’t seem to find an explanation. and i don’t see any vst dll. thanks a bunch!

You just copy the data at the bottom of music gen and paste it into a track in renoise


thanks bungle. though i can’t seem to find any exe file, or anything to start a gui. i think i’m :wacko:

nevermind, i didn’t have activeX enabled!! duh :)

this thing rocks!

It would be the most easiest thing if Renoise could be satisfying every musician/producer or live performer in the world but unfortunately, that is a hard target to get done.
It’s like creating some kind of food that every human on earth finds very tasteful which is imho also impossible.

MusicGen has been made by a 3rd party programmer and it shows an excellent use of the open file format Renoise offers so that certain features which are not implemented can be applied by external tools.

I do think a higher level of intergration for third party tools would be agreeable though


if you could make digestable cigarettes, that’d be great…i’m really getting sick of smoking…


Check out my Probability Column thread… it discusses a concept I came up with for creating more structured randomness: https://forum.renoise.com/t/probability-column/25311