Randomizing Addon

(hyperunknown) #1

I’ve been searching the tools section & the forums for a specific type of addon/tool. It seems I’m out of luck on this one, so I thought I’d just pop in and ask here on the forums. What I’m searching for is a type of randomizing tool. For example, let’s say I want to randomize the volume of every note in the current pattern, and the volume is to be randomized between 40 and 8A. Or, as another example, randomizing the delay of every note in the selected area with a number between 10 and 60. Any ideas? :)

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(joule) #2

Will the built in humanize function do? Set all notes to the intermediate value and define spread.

(vV) #3

Humanize doesn’t do complete random. It stays within a minor scope of the original value that was in the column.

(joule) #4

If you set the value next to “Hum” it seems pretty random to me. Do you mean that it gravitates towards the original value?

(vV) #5

Yes this is what i mean. Ofcourse the values are random but you can’t really define a maximum and minimum value for a scope that the humanize function has to operate in. I consider this personally a bit limiting.

(joule) #6

I thought this was what the value next to the select list did. At least it has an effect on the spread in my version.

(harold) #7

It’s not exactly what you want, but don’t forget about “right click > selection > randomize” in the pattern editor.


(hyperunknown) #8

Actually, this did EXACTLY what I was looking for. Both randomizing up+down from an initial value, for a specific value that I wanted. But not only did it do that for humanize, but for panning, volume etc aswell. I fiddled around with this and found a lot of uses for it, so thank’s a bunch :D
I cheer in your general direction!

(kazakore) #9

The whole benefit of the random/humanise as a pattern command is for when playing section in a loop, most likely and worthwhile for live performances, to add variations. The current Humanise function does not fulfil this in the least. Plus it also in no way helps with the Probability suggestion either.

(ffx) #10

If the pattern commands were automatable by using automation devices / graph, you could use a random lfo to add non-destructive humanization.

(kazakore) #11

Per Note (in chord) differences in Vol/Pan/Delay? A LFO for each maybe… Then if you wanted to change the distribution you would still have to do about as much programming (although you would have the option to do it in Automation) as well.

Probability? I guess you could get close by combining a Custom LFO with a programmed Formula Device to go either On or Off depending on a threshold and use Vol to set high level.