Randomness/probabilities in sampler modulation

first I’d like to say I love Renoise, so much excitement, specially since v3, this is a wonderful software, good music, Renoise team, gotta luv these guys, etc.

Since V3, I use a lot 0Yxy (maybe command to trigger a note only sometimes, and mutually exclusive mode). I love it like a lot of other people.
I also like to use random LFO in sampler modulation section to add randomness to pitch, pan or volume of samples each time they are triggered. This is cool when changes are really subtle. It’s ever cooler when they’re not subtle at all. Controlled randomness in computer music is a big deal.

Random LFO is great to create random values in a range. For example if you set it from 1 to 2, you can get 1; 2; 1.1; 1.5874695664; 1.999997; etc… it all happens randomly. But let’s say you want to randomly alternate between 1 and 2? And… Lets say you want a 17/128 probability that it will be 2, and 1 the rest of the time?

Recently I’ve been wondering what would happen if you could apply something like 0Yxy command to instrument modulation. For example, “Each time I trigger this sample, I want a probability like 30/128 that it will be played an octave higher. My sample has a nice never ending looping tail so I want this probability to repeat every 0.5 beats and it will be very nice”. Or another example if something like mutually exclusive mode could apply to instrument modulation “I want this sample to play randomly panned hard left or hard right, never in between.”

I realize something like this can be approached using overlapped keyzones (example: duplicating a sample, setting the first hard left and the second hard right, and then overlap the keyzones and make them randomly trigger each time the key is pressed) but I feel like it belongs to the modulation section, plus it would be easier to configure and to modify. Let’s say you want a sample to play really loud 1/128 of the time and soft the rest of the time. It’s not very smart to duplicate a sample 127 times, setting the volume of one of the 128 sample higher than the rest (keyzone trick). And you still cannot repeat the probability every x time like you can do with random LFO.

Maybe I just missed something and all of this is already possible (please tell me it is :3)
Or maybe I’m the only one thinking it could be great (please +1 :3)
Or maybe somebody’s already working on that ( :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 )

Sorry for my bad english, I don’t know why french people always struggle with this language. Hope it is understandable. What do you think of this?

Nobody? I’m about to cry :wacko:

I wonder if you could do this with more two (or more) lfos, one set to random modulating the rate of the second, the second one set to square wave? Or something like that perhaps.

I tried but it’s not so easy to imagine. +, -, *, /, and +/- button give a lot of possibilites, but I can’t figure out for this one

haaaaaaaa ok I found one you were right


so when I press a note:

1/3 chances it plays at the right pitch

1/3 chances it plays one octave higher

1/3 chances it plays one octave lower

and this probability repeats every beat

Almost everything I was saying in my first post can be done simply tweaking a little this LFO thing. Thanks a lot Meef Chaloin.

I really thought it wasn’t possible, but since this is not a suggestion anymore, maybe it can be moved to the “tips&tricks” section of the forum?

Hey man! no worries. Were all here to have a great time in a software so many amazing people are a part of in a very personal way. CHEERS! Mad love!

@niNja_pWn3d: I think your internet connection has a latency of a few years? badteeth.gif

Hehe, but I just “stepped in” as I wondered why no-one mentioned the stepper device in this thread. Random values with pre-determined values? Check!

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