Randomze Command Parameter


im didn’t find any way to randomize a note.
like pitch(fine) and volume
Is there a commandline parameter for that? I dunno why but i cant find :D heheh stupid me…

i want to use like this way:

C-4… random pitch + random vol

C-4… random pitch + random vol

so on. i need static pitch , so glide or bend is not good. this is why im not use the lfo device for that.
Somebody can help me about this!
Something like humanize, but not only for the delay and volum…
Thank you

Where is this fine tune parameter you are going to randomise/humanise?

As you have already mentioned you can do Volume/Velocity (can’t remember which off the top of my head.)

You can make some sounds a little more real by using a Velocity Device and a Filter, make the sound slightly deader (less top end) on quieter notes.

Would be nice to have a Humanise/Randomise for any selected parameters, which settings for how much either side of present value it can change (plus maybe a weighting curve, but that’s getting a little complex.)


Effect command is good enough for this.
like this
C-4 (effect) AA00 1200 - AA00 is just a random volume effect for example, 1200 is the parameter value.

Static pitch and volume for every note trigger! maybe metadices is good for this. but i use lots of samples and track for mixit.
Previously in buzz i use this way. but i dont want to go back in buzz!

Im read the documentations but theres no parameter for this.
Thank you!!

This parameters can be implemented to the next version of renoise!?

in jeskola buzz there’s a tracker called Matilde Tracker
it has two parameter 14-randomize volume with 00-FE and randomize pitch 16- with 00-FE argument
and 15 is for randome delay, something like humanize, but it is a parameter in pattern/note/line!!! Really cool to use it. But as i say, i dont want to go back to buzz.

in the 2.5 rcX version please put some new parameters if its possible

Random Shuffle / tick or row
Random Volume / tick or row
Random Pitch (fine) / tick or row
Random Delay / tick or row

It is usefull if we can use this in Renoise. But now, There’s nothing can to do this.

Im try every effects and native parameters but can’t get any results.
Or share me any good way or trick to do this!!!
Thank you!!!

firstly: you cannot randomize notes.

other things (volume, panning, effect command values) can be randomized using Advanced Edit: at the bottom of the A.E. panel, you will find the “Vol/Pan/Delay/FX” section: the “Modify” dropdown box will allow you to choose “Humanize”; once you set it to “Humanize”, the number on the right of the dropdown box will be the Humanize range: the randomized value will be comprised within [oldvalue - number/2, oldvalue + number/2].

as for every other thing in the advanced edit, the radio boxes at the top of the panel and the “Content Mask” section will set what has to be affected by the humanization.

a last note: do not expect any new feature to be added during the RC cycle, sorry

yes offcoz, i know RC1 features…

your tip is not the same what i write on the top.
definetly other. and finetune pitch ramndomizer is not there.

is i can trig the lfo with random parameter for the pitch, that is a good way
but lfo is slide the pitch no random value / trigger or note,.

thanks anyway…

there’s lots of space in the Instrument editor,
there’s any plan to update thet window?
if yes, should be implement some if these parameters really usefull indeed
what do you think Tactik?