"range check error" in Image line VST

Some image line plugins ( harmless ) behave verry unstable when changing presets .

Sometimes renoisehangs and in the worst case give a 'range check error ’

Seems that range check error is delphi related …which is probably the language usedfor the plug’s

Loaded the plugin in reaper , and there it runs smoothly .( reaper keeps them in sandboxees )

Using asio 4 all driver - edirol ua 25 interface

I’ve tried like 20 minutes flicking presets in Harmless and couldn’t reproduce this behaviour here. Seems stable to me. You can enable sandboxing for plugins in Renoise too in the settings.

Well here it happens randomly .

Going to the preset called ’ blue screen ’ … hangs renoise

I think it’s a combination of the audio driver and delphi etc …

Some infofrom the kvr audio forum


gentleclockdivider - I read your renoise forum post. Range check errors are not delphi problems. You may be referring to the range check problems that were believed to be caused by delphi, but actually were because the range checking switch (by default off) was not turned on. If it was off and the error checking was not quite thorough enough you could receive those errors. Basically the range check error is just saying that the computer memory address location where an array is stored that the running program is trying to read, cannot access it properly. Since the running program is a vst (dll) that can only access the memory space the host daw allows it to, it usually points to a host memory access problem. This can sometimes be corrected by changing wrapper settings or daw switches.

-end quote


So , if I understand correctly it has something to do with the memory renoise allocates tothe plugin …where how can I alter these settings in renoise ???