Rasbperry pi 4b and renoise demo alsa & jack no worky

i cant get renoise demo to load any driver on my raspberry pi 4b on the 64bit os. loads fine otherwise. i wana use this! any pointers?

i have no problems with the drivers in other software like reaper and sunvox and bespoke synth. i also dont have a problem loading a plugin inside renoise demo, it just wont load jack or alsa.

is this the equivalent of asio not working until you buy? HELLO? can someone clue linux users in please?

For what it is worth, (bought) Renoise works fine here on a pi 400. You can’t get any audio out of it? Do you perhaps have an external usb soundcard that you can hook up and see if it works?

only the ‘default device’ works which is the headphone jack. any other driver doesnt load. so alsa, jack, any hardware that i own just wont load. i have expert sleepers es-8 and a behringer multi output rackmount card. these both work with every other piece of software i have.

so did the demo work before you bought it? i mean with alsa or jack based drivers?

I’ve had Renoise for years, long before there was any Linux support so I have never tested the demo on it.

I’m not sure but on windows the demo limitation is that you can’t use any asio drivers, wouldn’t be surprised if this is also a limit in Linux;

" Renoise Demo Restrictions

  • No ASIO support on Windows
  • Rendering to .wav is disabled
  • Rendering/resampling selections is disabled
  • Rendering/freezing plugin instruments to samples is disabled
  • Nag screens
  • As ReWire Master, only the first stereo input bus will be available
  • As ReWire Slave, Renoise will occasionally generate a small subtle hiss"
    Downloads | Renoise

yeah thats my question. i thought this would be the right place to ask. but thanks for your help

yeah, save bet it is a demo limitation. The docs should be updated though to remove possible confusion.

No, this is not a demo limitation.

But some variants of the 64bit PI images (Ubuntu ARM_64 if I remember well) use an IEC958_SUBFRAME sample format for the HDMI port, which we don’t support in Renoise. The default software mixer driver will automatically convert this to other more common formats, which Renoise does support.

Using Jack should work though.

If it’s not about the HDMI port: What exactly is the error message that you get in Renoise or Jack when trying to load this driver?

ok jack does work in fact. sounds great! but no alsa. not a big deal! thanks for responding.


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