Rave Generator 2 not working on Windows

Okay, so here’s my problem:

I can’t load up Rave Generator 2, not just in Renoise, but in any DAW I try to load it in. Whenever I try doing so, not only does it just refuse to load, but it makes the DAW in question start acting weird whenever I try to close it. I literally have to go to the Task Manager to close the DAW.

However, it USED to work, until I tried to load in my own samples (Rave Generator 2 has a feature where you can essentially use it as a rompler). After I did that, it stopped working, and I bet this has something to do with why it doesn’t work anymore. I’ve looked for people that have had issues with this VST similar to mine, but to no avail.

I just want to know how I could possibly fix this. I’ve gotten into contact with the maker of the VST, but communication has been a little slow, and I have no idea how to fix the issue.

Thanks for your time!

So your plugin is clearly the problem. Deinstall it from your computer, delete everything about it and reinstall it afterwards. And don’t load your own samples again into it or your problem will return. Seemingly this plugin generally won’t work right or you’re using the wrong version.

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This plugin works fine here on Windows 10 / 64 bits / update 21H1 (but it also worked before last Windows Updates). So try to upgrade all, your Windows, the Audio drivers, etc… + all what said @TNT too, of course!


Why do you want to import samples into a rompler while working in Renoise, which is a massive sampler itself?

That was before I owned Renoise. I just want to use the built-in samples now.

“delete everything about it” like the settings for the VST? Where do you think the settings would be located?

Besides the location of your VST folder which is connected to Renoise (Edit,Preferences,VST/Misc) there is another location on your drive C. The path is c/user/username/documents. This folder is required for many VSTs just like Serum or Sylenth1, everything from iZotope and so on. You can find skins, presets and else, possibly also some settings, right there. And there’s also a third location which can be used by plugins, the path is c/programs or c/programs(x86). Which one is used depends on your plugin. I can’t say anything about Rave Generator 2 because I don’t use it. But deinstalling alone isn’t enough. Make sure there is nothing left before reinstalling.

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