Ray Kurzweil

Just wanted to go fishing for some points of view from the Renoise community.

EDIT: On a comedic note, I think death will either be pissed that it’s out of a job or glad that it’s finally going to take a vacation.



when i was 18-19, i used to be really into the singularity and ray kurzweil.

after a couple of years studying certain things that are relevant (like connectionist modeling and a.i.) i’m a bit more on the fence. not that i’m an authority at all, but i have a more reasonable amount of doubt toward what ray kurzweil says is going to be some absolutely incomprehensible new epoch. though certainly the internet is evidence that change is already happening at an incomprehensible rate (such as not being able to experience all possible media, which was more possible in the past).

i’d like it to happen because it’s more interesting than it not happening :)

shit, i don’t even know now. i’m leaning toward it happening this very second compared to just a moment ago.

(the above reply has been written by a hung over mushen)