Razor and Guitar Rig Pro Destroys My Quad Core

Hey, I’m just wondering if I can get some support on how you guys are preventing Guitar Rig Pro and/or Razor VSTs from constantly causing Renoise to max out on CPU? Is it a Renoise problem or a Native Instruments problem? I have a fairly decent quad core with 16 GB Ram and so forth. Atm these VSTs are pretty unusuable in Renoise.


Sounds like something’s off with the way your system is configured, or the way you use it.

Are you on a 64-bit system?
Have you checked that renoise is using all four cores?
Are you running other apps while running renoise?
Have you tested your ram, and know that all 16 are healthy?

I also have a quad (intel i5) with 16gb ram, and both Razor and GuitarRig runs fine. In fact, I can have a bunch of these running without reaching any critial point…

It probably depends on the presets/combinations you use, but Guitar Rig can be a pretty demanding resource hog and (obviously) much more when there are multiple instances running. Can’t say about Razor since I’ve never used it.

NI Razor is very cpu heavy…but I don’t remember it being any worse in Renoise than other DAWs. I have an older quad core and can load up 2 or 3 instances before my pc starts choking. Turning off the 3d display and oversampling will help a lot.

Its the same way in other daws. I see the cpu meter in Guitar Rig consistently over 30% when I use it in standalone. A really big patch can get over 50% in standalone… quad core…

NI stuff has always been known to use a load of cpu.

Okay guys, I’m very new to using these powerful VSTs ( just got them last night), so I don’t know what the best practices are in when using them. Are you guys recording at a low sample rate and then encoding your final mix at a higher sample rate? I’m used to using 9600, do I have to dial that down during recording then turn it up during encoding?

Also I have Renoise set to 4 cores but I’m not sure if it’s actually using all four. My task manager seems to say that my entire CPU is at around 20% when Renoise maxes out at >95%

Renoise I believe can only use one core on a single audio thread (EG a track) so a single VST is usually going to use a single core. Additionally multiple VSTs in the same track are all going to try and use the same core. So total CPU usage could be 25% but it’s using 100% of what is actually available.

I would like to be corrected on this. It is from memory of conversations some time ago. Maybe some VSTs go beyond this limitation on their own now?? Maybe Renoise is no longer limited to a core per audio thread??? But I do believe this is still the case…

Division across cores is usually up to the VST, if they support multicore, they will be allowed to use four cores. If they only use one, it may in that case max out on one core which possibly represents the figure in the Renoise audiothread.
Also the audio-thread of Renoise <> system CPU resource indication. Renoise only gets some of the available cpu resources and of that uses the majority for audio and the rest for graphics (depending on how fancy you have set your graphic options, like framerate, animations etc.). Also there is a performance difference between using Renoise full-screen (full directX) and windowed mode. Full screen, there is more performance available than when Renoise runs in Windowed mode.

I haven’t used Guitar Rig Pro, but I’ve heard it’s a CPU hog. I have used Razor, and I have to say that it uses so much CPU that it’s practically broken. I have a 2.7 dual core i5 and I can get 50% CPU usage with one note in razor with the proper patch.

Resampling is your friend.

okay guys, thanks. I have another problem now though. While I was trying buttons to optimize performance, I’ve somehow managed to seem to break all of the effects in Renoise. No native or VST effects seem to apply at all anymore. Any ideas =/ ??

What do you mean, “do not apply,” if you drop an effect onto a channel, it does not work?

nevermind it’s working now, don’t want u guys to worry =p