Razor Shock - More About Like You (Demo)

Just finished my old track. This is not stuff that i usual created so the constructive critics are welcome. Check it.


Title: Razor Shock - More About Like You (Demo)
Genre: Electro House, Progressive Trance, Nu Disco
Duration: 7:41
Quality: 192 Kbps
Size: 11 Mb


good job, i raved. i like to retro-ish feel to it. no idea what the vocoded like voice was saying but i always love those kinda sounds… on my monitors the mix sounded a tiny bit muddy in the mid/lows… kick clash with bass??

but yeah… summer time ;]

Thanks! I don’t done the final thin mastering because i think that can do this track better. So the sound may be muddy on high-quality monitors. ;)

The lirycs is a little silly:

I will naught… what can i do?
Many thousand things to-do.
You know that and feeling doomed.
Give me more about like you.

I was started made this track a very long ago on parting with girlfriend, so the track is a little bit melancholic. Today i feel better so this track come out some cheerful. :)

Sorry for my bad English.

Yeah! I like it! :walkman:

The vocoder is cool and all, would like it to be more ledgible though. Other than that; rock on! :yeah:

Thanks! If you want get the sound like this, use the Waves Morphoder. The Eiosis ELS Vocoder is another great vocoder, but i dont used it in this track.