Rc2 Demo Song By Sewen

sewen - diggin for gold

woohoo it has vocals !!! :)

haha i guess i’m just happy to hear a full vocal demo song, shows renoise’ potential in a other way.
lovely song also.


cheers mate!

id love to see more songs with vocals… please share if you have :)

vocals are hard if you’ve got no preamp and/or a talented singer …

but at least I hope to hear some guitar …

Yeah I really enjoyed listening to this!

Not only for that fact that it is a great song by itself, but it also shows some of the strengths of renoise as a sample mangler in a musical sense.

Very good!

If you have any more tracks like this, I would love to hear them!

theres some at www.myspace.com/pulkgomp

all renoise, except ‘hold’ wich is recorded live.

Here is an old single of us mixed in renoise 1.2.8.

in the zip is the original single, a remix and some artwork.

I don’t like to spam this song to much, because of it’s title it’s very often misunderstood.
nowdays we have Renoise 1.8 so new recorded songs will come soon.

You’ll get more vocalized tunes from my hand as soon as i can get myself to listen to Henriette’s vocals again…

Its over?


Tho we’ve both kinda moved on, it was a rough one!

Well that doesn’t sound like fun… Hope the future is showing for you in a new light, these transitions are always difficult.

…And we’ve missed you! More Khin tuneage please! I’ll do some vocals for you once I get my gear setup…

Thanks, man… :)

I’ll be ok, and she’s planning to go for bands in the future, actually look forward to hear what she’ll come up with!

More Khin tuneage in progress, more ambient that is. ;)

Yes, excellent song! I`m always happy to hear nice singing voices! Thumbs up