Re-assigning Fx On Column To A Diff Fx?

Hi again,

Hope I’m not over posting here but really getting stuck into RENOISE now and have another query that has me stumped.

Spose I have plotted a nice filter sweep, triggered by the an fx column on a track. Now I like the parameter info but don’t like the plugin it is triggering. I want to keep the same parameter info in the same track with same sample but want to “Re-assign” it to a another VST plugin the I have inserted in the track.

I would have thought this was in ADVANCED EDIT but not sure if it is or how to do it.

Any advice?

I hope it’s not too long, the sweep you’re talking about - because AFAIK there’s no way of remapping fx. If you had recorded the sweep into the automation pane, it would be a lot easier to work with, but alas…you need to hit the keyboard a number of times to fix it…

I have a rule when working with stuff like that:
If it “moves”, it’s an envelope (put into automation)
If it “switches”, it a command (use pattern fx)

Edit: There’s an additional reason why this is a good practice: envelopes are smoothed in realtime, so gradual changes are perceived as much more fluent than pattern fx can ever hope to be.

I have the same problem… sometimes I spend hours on programming an effect, but when I want to use those parameters for a different effect, or want the effect on a different track… well, I’m just f****ed and need to do it all over again.

As far as I know, there’s no solution for this yet, but to work harder.

this is manual labour, but why not just type over each command so it uses the desired DSP.

e.g. change 10FF to 20FF.

Lol BotB. Cntrl+C Cntrl+Alt+Del. Ho noez… what happened to my spacebar?! :P

But seriously… don’t you think it is quite an issue for using Renoise’ potential as a live loop playing instrument… sure it is easy to copy and paste, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to control a range of gains with one midi fader? You know? FTW.
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I’ve only been playing with Renoise since this weekend, and it’s completely blown my mind n terms of it’s live potential. This is an area where something like ableton apparently excels in. Me mate twelv uses it and he digs it lank that you can quick snap map lotsa automations to one midi fader, or knob or whatnot…

Renoise is so almost there, just playing a guitar through the JCM900 VST and running that through a bunch of chained and sended native fx chains is magic. I’m getting low low latency… lucky me. I can set up patterns as loop zones, and then with focus on the Pattern Editor window gadget, I can seamlessly switch between patterns using the arrow keys or mousewheel. By doing that I can switch between not just a range of drum tracks or whatnot, but fx presets also… effectively turning Renoise into a live fx guitar stack… and moooore… nice. :ph34r:

But sometimes you wanna loop one set of patterns, kill the fx automation and then fade through a range of automation curves using just a foot-pedal midi controller, which I don’t have, and is beside the point… :unsure:

I’m rambling… sorry.

Me thinks there needs to be a another screen in place of the Shift+control+M screen. Where you can set up 'virtual midi control faders’™ which you can map as normal midi fader, but they all in turn then get controlled by a ‘real midi control faders’™. I think it is unfair that I have to battle with my midi controller to make IT assign many CCs to one fader… and I don’t think it supports it anyway. :’(
(not dissing Renoise. I think it is the best piece of software I have ever paid for… :) )

Usually when I’m trying to make a complicated effect (using dsp’s) I do it in a send track, so I can use it for other tracks if desired, and it would be easy to bypass or change it (by copying the chain/coomands to a new send track and modify it). I’m not sure if it is a solution to this case though.